• Positive Gun Dog Training: It is a process….

    Posted on October 27, 2017 by in Training Tips

    Learning Positive Gun Dog Methods is an on-going process. As I reflect back over my 60 plus years, I see an infant starting out to walk and then eventually running. Occasionally, I fall down and have to dust myself off once I stand. Training is never the same for every dog. I am not perfect and when I think I have it figured out from training a bold, confident and almost flawless bird dog, I only realize there are more things to learn. However, with persistence and thinking outside the box, recalling back on Learning Theory Principles, I figure out what approach works best for the bird dog in front of me. It is always refreshing, because it reminds that I do not know everything but I have the desire and drive to make myself the best positive trainer, therefore I keep reading, learning, listening and paying attention to what is needed to train the bird dog in front of me to be the best!

    Dale Hubbard, Ph.D.
    Animal Behavioral Specialist

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