Tony Prudhomme obtained Sir Sprocket from my kennel (Cloud Perfection Bird Dog) where he was born, raised and trained with Positive Gun Dog Methodology. Tony had this to say about Sprocket:

April 04, 2013

Tony Prudhomme

Dr. Dale Hubbard, Ph.D.

I wanted to take a moment and let you know how happy I am with Sir Sprocket. As you are well aware, he just celebrated his first birthday Sunday. Not a day goes by that I am not amazed by the intelligence, drive, obedience that Sprocket displays. He is a truly amazing young dog. He has quickly become a tremendous addition to our family. I have never seen a dog at his age that is remotely as smart and well balanced as he is. Your positive reinforcement training has helped produce a wonderful young dog. He rarely makes mistakes, he wants to please, and is very easy to correct. I have owned pointing dogs for 15 years. The work you put into this dog shows every single day. There is nothing remedial about him. He is truly special. The combination of breeding and training make all the difference in the world. We are so pleased. There is only one negative. I have to wait till next season to hunt him regularly. Dale thank you for everything. I have enjoyed getting to know you and Sprocket. He is a very very very special dog.


Dr. Dale Hubbard, Ph.D.
December 31, 2012

I am writing to thank you for the enormous difference you have made with Louis. I would also like to thank you for training me and the continued support you have given me since bringing Louis home.
My prior experience with training a bird dog was limited to 3 training books that left me with more questions than answers. Furthermore, these books were not exactly ideal for a novice bird dog owner living in suburban Hoover, AL. I appreciate the simple training tips and drills that you showed me for working at the house. Following your initial evaluation of Louis, you sent me and Louis home with homework assignments. The assignments were not only beneficial for teaching Louis new commands, but they were extremely helpful in making me a part of the training process.
It would be an understatement to say that Louis had a few issues. My wife and I both knew that a bird dog would have abounding energy, but we were not prepared for the Tasmanian devil. I had 100 people tell me that bird dogs are just hyper, but I don’t think they had a clue just how hyper this dog could be. Louis’ alpha traits only further complicated matters. As you noticed in our initial evaluation, Louis’ abounding energy seemed to trump his instinct to point. I appreciate your willingness to work through these issues. It is still amazing to me to see this same dog only a few weeks later establish point, hold point, retrieve on command, and heel from the field. In a nutshell, Louis is a better all around dog in the field and at the house. We are very appreciative of the positive difference that your positive training methods have made for our family.
If you ever need a recommendation, I will gladly share my very positive experience with Perfection Bird Dog Training. I look forward to hunting with you soon.

Illia Ayers
PH: 205-585-1785


Leon Flynn says:

I have known Dr. Hubbard for two years.  During this time, I have had the pleasure of seeing the positive results of his training methods.  I observed his use of Click and Treat during a group seminar. It is truly amazing to see the dogs wanting to perform behaviors with such pleasure and precision.

I consulted with him regarding a blinking problem that I had with one of my Pointer Dogs.  He was insightful with helping me understand how my Pointer developed the problem and above all the intervention he suggested and implemented.  After several exercises that Dr. Hubbard recommended, I am happy to say that she is much improved.  She is more confident and reliable in holding steady on point.

I have bird hunted for 70 plus years and own several bird dogs.  I have hunted Quail and Pheasants with Dr. Hubbard. During our hunts together, I have had the pleasure to know him as a person, as well as a trainer. I have found him to be a very caring and loving person toward dogs and a person who is honest and pays attention to detail.

I also had the pleasure to see him and his English Setter (Lucy) win first place in our Alabama Quail Hunters Association Field Trial during 2011.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Leon Flynn


Jennifer Ham, DVM says:

February 28, 2012

I have had the pleasure of being Lucy’s veterinarian for 2 years now. Dr. Dale Hubbard is an excellent client always striving to provide the utmost care for Lucy. I am also very blessed to have Dale training my 6 month old Standard Poodle, Henry. has unending patience with animals and really loves working with them, especially in a positive way. He is training Henry(and me) with click and treat and we have experienced amazing results in a very short time frame. Henry LOVES to train! It is such a positive and encouraging experience for us both. I truly appreciate Dale’s expertise and experience and look forward to working together for many more years!

Jennifer Ham, DVM


Harry and Carolyn Puryear state:

The training of our English Setter (Admiral) was conducted by Dr. Dale Hubbard.  He used a very kind and organized approach in applying his training methods.  We are extremely pleased with the results.  He also spent time explaining and demonstrating how Admiral was trained so that we were able to maintain his level of perfection in hunting and retrieving.

Admiral was trained by the “Click and Treat” method and made progress to master his skills needed to obey, hunt, steady to flush and commands given to him on and off the hunting field.  Admiral is a strong willed Alpha male so we learned that he requires a strong sense of authority to maintain a high level of hunting skill to work as a partner in the field.

It was confusing to us that Admiral would refuse to pick up a Quail. He was this way from the time we first became his owner; he showed a great deal of drive to hunt but simply refused to pick up a dead Quail.  It was amazing to us that Admiral learned to pick up the bird and retrieve it to hand consistently after training.  He also seemed to enjoy the retrieving which Dr. Hubbard explained this is how a positive approach to training produces a dog to enjoy his learned behaviors.

The consistent training that conducted produced wonderful results which we could not have believed could be achieved so quickly and with such consistency.  The methods used not only resulted in good habits, it was a kind and gentle way to achieve the very best results.  He is most competent and conscientious and we highly recommend him as a trainer.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Harry and Carolyn Puryear
Vestavia Hills, Alabama


I can not say enough great things about Perfection Bird Dog Training operated by . My dog and I would have been destined to fail with out their knowledge and expertise. My 6 month old Brittany, Jennie, was a slow starter to say the least. The pedigree was there, but her confidence and drive were certainly not what we expected. Dr. Dale was patient with her, and also thought outside the box on how to correct some of her short comings. For example, Jennie had a tendency to shut down during training. Instead of physically punishing the dog, Dr. Dale simply put her in a small kennel for time out. Sounds silly, but it worked. Jennie responded exceptionally well to the positive reinforcement training, learning commands almost instantly. I feel certain that if I had used anyone else except Dr. Dale my dog would be permanently damaged. Through Dr. Dale’s non-abusive training methods, Jennie has now turned out to be a very fine bird dog. Her confidence and drive is through the roof when she hits the field, and she hunts long and hard. If you’re picky like me about how your dog is treated, I would highly recommend Perfection Bird Dog Training. They are honest, professional, dependable and most importantly loving to your dog. I would be glad to speak with anyone who is considering using Perfection Bird Dog training as someone who has first hand experience.

Jeremey Hankins
Phone: 205.229.6950
Fax: 205.623.3850


December 10, 2012

I would like to recommend Dr. Dale Hubbard to anyone interested in having there bird dog trained. He meets with you and examines your dog and then gives you his opinion on what he can do with the dog. He is very honest and upfront with what he tells you about your dog. He works very hard to make sure you are satisfied with your dog before you take him home. He allows you to take the dog out and see the work he has done to make sure the dog is finished. I was very satisfied with the work he did with my dog and would recommend Dr. Hubbard to anyone.

Donny Powell