Professional Animal Trainer



I attended seminars, group lessons and one on one training with nationally known dog trainers to include Gary Wilkes, George Hickox and Jon Han. 

 My Ph.D. professional training in psychology gave me the level of expertise to understand how animals and people learn and how to effectively implement training plans.  I had the luxury of studying and replicating many of the studies developed by B.F. Skinner (Behavioral Psychology.)

 In addition, my training with Gary Wilkes (developer of Clicker Training) allowed me to develop a level of expertise with positive methods of training animals. 

 I have continued to study on my own and develop positive gun dog training methods that are based on sound scientific research.  My English Setter (Lucy Sky Cloud) and I currently conduct seminars on Positive Gun Dog Training with an emphasis on Clicker Training.

is an acclaimed behaviorist, trainer and lecturer.  He offers a wide variety of animal related services using behavior modification techniques. He is best known for his expertise in training upland bird dogs.  He is also the first of trainers to take Click and Treat and apply it effectively to upland bird dogs while in the hunting field. He has demonstrated that by effectively using Click and Treat, you can develop a level of perfection with gun dogs while in the sporting field.

Furthermore, he has shown the use of the e-collar (negative reinforcement) can for the most part be greatly reduced and in some cases completely eliminated when the use of positive reinforcement is used that includes Click and Treat.  He also works with animals that have become a behavior problem for owners with many of his referrals from veterinary.

He is has pioneered the use of “Click and Treat in the upland bird dog with great success and demonstrating a high level of perfection in performance.